breeding and horses

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Breeding horses

We breed horses to saddle for 30 years.
Foals born in our company grow in constant contact with the man in an attitude of playful confidence.
Since 1986 we have dealt firsthand. Stefano has always dedicated to doma and training of foals developing over time skills, experience and sensibility.
The Taming and training are made according to a method in keeping with the physical development of foals, without coercion, to build day after day, a relationship of trust and cooperation with the horse.
The aim is to attract persons working at any job that will calm and balanced play once become adults. Currently, in addition to the Colts and Mares, there are older horses who no longer play sports.
The guests can under the leadership of Stefano, make contact with horses and personally experience how to approach them, looking after them and communicate with the universe "horse".

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The Pipino's story

After raising sports horses for about 30 years and having seen beautiful foals born here, last year the little girl who was in me beat his feet on the floor and ultimately pretended to satisfy a whim that longed for a long time in my heart to which Stefano had always opposed. I wanted a pony! Do you have those dwarf horses a little stoky and “buzzicotti"¯, as we say in Italy? Here are the ones! Certainly a fantasy of that kind at my age was almost inexplicable except for an unrealistic desire that had long stayed in my thoughts. So by the end of 2016, patiently Stefano, even though he did not understand, supported this desire and we left along with the quest for the longing pony. We have seen them different but the first encounter was the right one. Female, about 90 centimeters tall, with a coat of warm color, the same as the chestnuts in Autumn, a thick and blond light mane. A true love, the name was Ketty. We did not immediately decide but Ketty remained in the heart. A few days later it was at our home. It was a nice meeting, Ketty is really cute though it has a definite and sometimes a bit overpowering character. In the winter of 2017 Ketty's belly was flat round, so a doubt emerged in us: she might be pregnant. It will be, it will not be, that the tummy is growing. At some point it was obvious that something from that tummy would have escaped; since we did not know the time when she had been engaged, we just had to wait. One morning in June here is the surprise. During the night, Ketty had given birth to a small pony, a pony love, a miniature pony with gentle looks. From now on he felt confident and curious. Not only was he caressing, but literally he was throwing himrself in search of a treasure trove. We called him Pipino because he was really so fluent, we could not keep him inside a fence and he was so small that he was passing everywhere by doing naturally crazy Ketty that given its size could not follow him. Pipino is one of Tolkien's Hobbits, just a little more silly than, however, despite being constantly in trouble, he was always happy to spit it. Pipino in this period has grown, now he has five months. He is delicious, throughout the summer guests have had fun at his vicissitudes. Even though he grows up, he goes out of the enclosures, runs like a crazy and now runs undisturbed throughout the garden. Until now we were able to keep him away from the adult mare for fear that he would not be healthy for him to find him close; compared to him are literally mountains for both mole and height, but now this is the latest novelty, Pipino also fits into their fences, studying them from below to the top and without any fear now burn the grass near them . He's a little crazy pony, curious, enterprising, lively and sweet. He has conquered all those who have gone from here and continues every day to surprise us with new performances. Stefano has also become the pony and adores Pipino!

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Giuliana di Piana Arborello

Seven days ago, the little ponies arrived.
Today, 2016 December 13, Giuliana leaves us for its new destination at the Equestrian Centre Valdarenne.
We are very sad, with her also part of a peace of our heart.

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Ponies universe

December 2016 the Farm Piana Arborello bought two lovely and cute pony.
The male black coat called Tombolino while the female with his beautiful blonde mane is called Ketty.
We begin a new experience.

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Wonderful Gemma

July 3, 2016 Gemma Piana Arborello ranked first twice in the category seven years sport.
Congratulations to Gemma, to rider Giambattista Pala, to owners Doriana and Aurelio the Equestrian Center Valdarenne and great satisfaction for us that we have bred her.

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Gemma di Piana Arborello

We have waited day after day when he was in the belly of his mother, we have seen the birth and growth, Gemma Arborello Piana is always in my heart and Stephen, we are happy of care that reserves its new owners and we follow always with affection his sporting progress.

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