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The Maremma Park also called Parco dell'Uccellina is a large protected area of ​​9800 hectares of the Tuscan Maremma which extends along the coastline between the mouth of the Ombrone River (South of Grosseto), and the country of Talamone , famous for the known Garibaldi's events.
It was the first park of the Tuscany Region, established by L.R. 65 of June 5, 1975.
The whole area is made up of plains partly cultivated; by Uccellina Mountains covered by a thick Mediterranean area representing the wildest part of the park; from the beach of Marina di Alberese, sparsely populated, which stretches for about eight kilometers of fine sandy beach; at the end of the beach of Marina di Alberese it begins a long stretch of rugged coastline with cliffs and small stretches of beach embedded in thick vegetation often accessible only by sea, most notably the more charming Cala di Forno.
Destinations and references
Cala di Forno can be reached at any time of the year through a route of about 17 kilometers on foot within the park; on this link you will find detailed information about the various routes and itineraries , or alternatively you can get information by contacting the Visit Centre of the Maremma Natural Park at telephon number +039 0564 407098.
In summer you can take advantage of private bus services navetta http: //, while the Association Poseidon makes boating in much of the year and Cala Forno is one of the destinations.

Living the Park
The centerpiece of the park is the village of Alberese where you can find offices and the Visitor Center, there you can buy tickets and obtain information about all sports and recreational activities that take place in the park: horseback riding and carriage rides; canoeing on the river Ombrone, routes on foot and by bicycle.
Along the extension of the Park you can meet and visit the many tower that were built between the fifteenth and thirteenth centuries to defend the increasingly frequent landings of the Turkish ships the towers/ .
Long journeys on foot we can meet the Tower of “Castelmarina” and “Collelungo”, Uccellina Tower and Cala di Forno, low Tower and the beautiful Marseille. Remarkable is the route of San Rabano that lets you reach the ruins of a picturesque abbey built by the order of Benedictines around the twelfth century only to be later abandoned.

Unspoiled nature
Inside the park plays an important role the butteri of the Maremma (cowboys of Maremma), which even today provide for the management of livestock.
The May 1 each year inAlberese marks an event that recalls the work of butteri stages through merca the livestock and the taming of the foal.
Through the park you will meet the typical Maremma Cows with long and impressive horns and herds of Maremma horses that still live in the wild.
In addition to the lush Mediterranean vegetation, one of the characteristics of this natural area is the presence of wild animals that inhabit the thickets components and that it is not uncommon to meet along access roads or along the walking trails.
Among these wild boars, foxes, roe deer, fallow deer, thorny, badgers and hedgehogs as well as many species of migratory birds that inhabit the wetlands.

Rules of Conduct
The Maremma Park is a great opportunity to visit a place where time seems to stand still.
Where nature marks the rhythms of time that runs between the seasonal changes.
It 'an experience for young and old to discover experiences related to nature and pristine environments.
For the more adventurous there are countless opportunities to test their skills while those seeking more relaxation can enjoy the long beach of Marina di Alberese.
All in accordance with a long environmental protection and conservation.
Among the rules of behavior listed on the site of the park are suggested the following behaviors:

- stay on marked trails;
- do not light fires;
- not to introduce pets;
- do not disturb wild animals and do not give them food;
- do not litter;
- adhere to plants, animals and the whole environment;
- not wear radio or any tool that disturb the peace and quiet.
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